“Dear Future Me” Screenwriter Pre-Production Journal


In the making of pre-production for our film “Somewhat Living”, I played the role of the screenwriter. I basically had to be able to create a story for our film. After time to brainstorm for quite a bit, I came up with the idea of making a film on a deeper level. I wanted to tell a story that was more than what was to be shown on the screen. The clips and images are one thing, but there is going to be a really strong message behind it all. I just want to be able to tell a story that will really grasp the viewers attention.

– 9. Screenplay Conflict

–  1, 2, 3, and 4. Screenplay Characters

– 11. Subplot

– 4. Screenplay Plot

Drafts of Script

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The making of the draft for our script was more of trying to figure out how to tell a story of four completely different but yet very similar people. I had to figure out what would show case their problems in a way that the audience would understand without telling exactly whats going on.

Correctly formatted Script

Somewhat Living – Script

Characterization Development

The making of all the characters in our film was made piece by piece. I had to gradually think of how I wanted to show case these different characters, and what their different emotions would be throughout the film. I started out with a draft of what I wanted these four characters to represent. Which would be self acceptance, homophobia, drug problems, and study pressure. These are the four main problems that came to my mind when I thought of what problems people go through in their every day lives. So the next step was thinking, what would these look like? How would we represent this within the character? Cause what the charter shows on the screen is so little compared to all the emotions they actually feel in that very moment.

Influences from Movies

Homophobia- Lots of different films inspired me for this topic like; “Out in the Dark” by Michael Mayer and “Homophobia” by Gregor Schmidinger.

Self acceptance- This was such a broad topic in general because self acceptance can include so many different things. So the films that inspired me for this was “The Babe: Young Miracle” by Arthur Hiller and “Spanglish: Lose That Weight” by James L.  Brooks.

Study Pressure- There are so many films nowadays based on pressure, but not many based on study pressure specifically. So I decided to watch some films based on pressure itself. Some films would include “Mean Girls” by Mark Waters, “The Breakfast Club” by John  Hughes, and even “Finding Nemo” by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich.

Drug Problems- “Days of Wine and Roses. Blake Edwards, 1962.” This film inspired me because it is about a man with a terrible drug addiction, and he meets a woman who soon becomes his future wife, and when they both become addicts, they lose everything.


My pitch for this film was to make something that is deeper than the average short film. I wanted to go in depth with feelings and emotions. So then I automatically thought of showcasing problems that people go through in their every day lives.


Basically, everyday people go through their own problems. Everyone experiences their day in a different way. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like they are living, they are just somewhat living. So I pulled the main focus on a group of people with relatively common problems, but they can still make such a huge impact to the viewers.

Costume/Props that Help Characterization

Speaking prop wise, the props are only used for certain key roles in our film. For example, in the one of the beginning scenes for Drug Addiction we are using empty bottles over the house to show that this character lives in a house with someone with that problem. In the Study Pressure scenes we will be showing this character constantly with their books to show that they only care about studying.

 What I learned

What I learned from being the screenwriter for this film was, creating a story. I learned to create a story that had some sort of deep significance. I now know that it doesn’t really matter what you write about. You can literally write about anything and make it have importance. I learned that when you create the script for a film, you have to go beyond the words. Meaning there is so much emotion behind each and every word. I also learned that in order to be a good screenwriter, you have to share your ideas with your peers. It is an important way to critique your work.

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